Referral Program

WELCOME  to our 4-4 Referral Program – one of the easiest and, may very well be, the most lucrative referral program in the world.  Our plan is easy for both you, the member, and for each person who purchases and uses our services.

As you will see, this is not a multi level marketing program.  It’s a true referral program.  There are no membership fees and no stocking of inventory. It is this easy – if you refer 4 people who become clients, you are qualified to get paid.  You will be paid all the way to the 10th level.  And you are not restricted to refer only 4 people.  You can refer as many clients as you want, and will be paid accordingly.


The 4-4 program can be summarized in one sentence – refer 4 clients* and show them how to refer 4 clients.  That’s it!   This program works because our pricing is very competitive.  And that’s how we know that you’ll easily refer 4 clients who in turn will refer 4 clients.


Seeing that this is a great way to potentially generate income and while helping people to save money, we will be assisting you along the way to ensure success.  We will do this by providing the following:

  • Training in the 4-4 program
  • Notification each time someone is added to your universe
  • A breakdown of your compensation per level

In summary, refer 4 clients and encourage those 4 clients to bring 4 other new clients. This is a sure and easy way to be successful in our Referral Program.

Let’s Get in to our 4-4 referral program

Client – a client is defined as someone who has subscribed to AMZmobile’s service for at least one month and has paid for the service in full.


Member   Total Comms. Referrals Monthly Comms. Annual Comms.
Level 1 $1.01 $1.01 4 $4 $49
Level 2 $0.94 $1.95 16 $15 $180
Level 3 $0.87 $2.82 64 $55 $666
Level 4 $0.79 $3.61 256 $203 $2,441
Level 5 $0.72 $4.34 1,024 $740 $8,878
Level 6 $0.65 $4.99 4,096 $2,663 $31,961
Level 7 $0.58 $5.56 16,384 $9,470 $113,639
Level 8 $0.51 $6.07 65,536 $33,145 $397,738
Level 9 $0.43 $6.50 262,144 $113,639 $1,363,673
Level 10 $0.36 $6.86 1,048,576 $378,798 $4,545,577
$538,734 $6,464,803


Yes, you can sign up as many people as you wish. The more people you sign up the more money you make.

People who get in at the beginning make the most money on these programs. Eventually the market becomes saturated at which point it will be more difficult to make millions and much more likely to make enough just to cover a part or all of the cost of your monthly subscription.

A pyramid scheme is all about an exchange of money. There is no product or if there is it is a sham, or it is vastly overpriced.

If it is just an exchange of money you pay to get in the system and then people higher up take your money. When you recruit people, you get a part of their money. Eventually it collapses when you run out of people to take their money from.

A variation of the above is when someone offers a product of little or no worth. It is just an excuse to run a pyramid scheme and in substance you are just trading money again.

Another variation is if we were to sign a deal with AT&T to buy their offering and then try to sell it at twice the price that AT&T sells it at. Someone might try to argue that people are paying $90 per month for the service and another $90 per month to be in a pyramid scheme. This is not necessarily true as it is quite common for people in business to buy something and then mark it up 100% and resell it. Nevertheless, someone might try to make that argument.

In our case this is clearly not a pyramid scheme as if someone signs up for the AT&T service through us and never refers anyone they will still get a great deal.. We are just using the referral plan to encourage our customers to tell their friends about our service.

Everyone wins with our plan whether they participate in the referral plan or not which is often the way you can tell if something is a pyramid scheme. If everyone is winning it is not a pyramid scheme.