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Secure Mobile Banking Solution exclusively through AMZ Mobile

  • Our solution comprises an innovative Digital Wallet App on your smartphone that is safer than anything currently available on the market
  • It delivers the highest level of security possible to prevent your financial information from being stolen by hackers
  • The solution’s companion “Biometric Smartcard” replaces all of the credit and debit Cards you lug around in your wallet and stores them digitally (store up to 50 Credit, Debit, and Gift Cards in One Digital Wallet)
  • Simply pick the card you want to use on the Digital Wallet App and use the Biometric Smartcard to securely execute transactions anywhere Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover are accepted
  • Our Digital Wallet App will also allow you to conduct the following simple transactions in a secure manner:
    • Send and Receive Money from anywhere in the world within 24 hours
    • Wire money safely and securely anywhere in the world within 24 hours
    • Convert your money to a different currency at competitive rates within your account and transact in local currency on your digital wallet without exorbitant FX fees from Banks and Credit Card Companies