AMZMobile is a program offered by United Network Carriers LLC (“UNC”) in partnership with AT&T.

UNC began in 1982 by managing and operating, on behalf of the US government, one of the first GSA telecom regions for all local and service equipment throughout the US Mid-Atlantic States as a sole provider. It then partnered in a joint venture with Sprint Corporation to develop a national account program for the sale of network services and equipment.  In 1993 it provided satellite communications services to UN Protection forces throughout the former Yugoslavia, which services included voice, data, electronic fire control, distance learning and tele-medicine.  These same services were also provided in Somalia, Haiti, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Afghanistan.  Total revenues for these projects exceeded $2.1 billion.

The AMZMobile program, in partnership with AT&T, is designed to provide the most competitive cell phone plan for American consumers.